Like many other good products, TreeLess sustainable fashion designs also started life in a shed,

with two people caught up in a world of imagination - about using a  naturally occurring material.

A material that was both sustainable and unique in appearance, whilst also being adaptable and flexible to the demands of product design around eyewear and timepieces - Bamboo.

Since then we have encountered other materials like recycled Denim, Cork, along with the use of Stone and Bamboo combined, as well as using natures unwanted Abalone sea-shells.


From 2011, Treeless Products has tried to design and manufacture watches and sunglasses that

truly represent these values, creating unique original timepieces and optical wear that are as individual as our customers.


We are not focused on being commercial, in fact we are the first to admit that what we do is primarily for 

the product and the customer alone,  to try and avoid continual repetition we only make our sustainable fashion items small batches. 

We are continually changing designs and modifying  whilst maintaining  the highest quality standard possible for the price of purchasing a unique product.


Our products have continually evolved, along with our attempts to protect the environment and the people that help us continue on our journey.

When you make a purchase from TreeLess Products you are investing in this culture and we would like to sincerely thank you for doing so.

Rambler Watch

The Rambler has a ‘Tiger Bamboo face’ which is produced in such a way that no two are alike, and as individual as you are....

Rambler Watch/Leather Strap by Treeless Products

Nalu Watch

The lightness of the bamboo on the NALU wraps the comfort of nature around your wrist.

Free from artificial and toxic materials,  the watch is as natural as the world around us....

Treeless Nalu/Slate/Cork Watch

Jura Watch

The Jura has a light gold sunray face constructed from recycled aluminium and is like its family of watches simple and minimal in its construction, designed with reference to the beautiful Isle of Jura in Scotland....

Treeless Jura/Bamboo Strap